Hobbs Maker - founder, writer
Wofford College

Hobbs created Beat Dropping in February of 2011 without a single goal in mind (a real go-getter). Luckily, the website and mindset have drastically changed since then. He now has a vision and a mission: Beat Dropping should be written in a style that entertains and expands followers' musical tastes, while at the same time, developing their interest in the artists beyond the website. He thinks he's funny, but more times than not, he'll just confuse the crap out of you.

Tommy Oakes - writer
Wofford College

Tommy joined the team in the closing months of 2011, first appearing as a guest contributor and then as a full-time writer (that phrase may be misleading; no one has made a penny off this thing). When he's not in school, Tommy works at a camp in the Virginia mountains. He is constantly surrounded by folk music, s'mores, and kids' greasy camp hair. Needless to say, he's proud to call Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band his favorite.


429 North Church Street - CPO 1475
Spartanburg, SC 29303

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Artists: If you're looking to be promoted or become affiliated with Beat Dropping, feel free to email Hobbs or Tommy, or visit our "Submit" page. We ask that you provide us with some background information, and anything you would like us to have access to. This may include MP3s, pictures, videos, etc. 

Artwork: All Beat Dropping logos and designs are Hobbs's own original artwork. If you are interested in viewing more of his work, visit his online portfolio. Prints in any size are available upon request, and rates will vary depending on the piece and size. 

Advertising: We ask that all advertisements be music or entertainment related. If you would like to advertise on Beat Dropping's website, please email  Hobbs at hobbsmaker@beatdropping.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I search for a specific artist or song?
A: The search bar is located at the top of the website in the top-left corner.

Q: Is your website legal?
A: Yes. All MP3s are intended for promotional use only and if given away for free, they are done so with the permission of the artist. Beat Dropping by no means condones illegal file sharing and accepts no responsibility for the actions taken by others. If you wish to have your song removed from Beat Dropping, email us and we will change it immediately.

Q: How do I download a song?
A: In many cases, we can't give you a track for free, but when we can, there are some different ways you can download it. We primarily use Sound Cloud players now. To download a song from these players, simply click on the down arrow that is found on the right hand side of the player. In older posts, we use Hulk Share*. In this case, just click the button that says "Download." 

*If songs are meant to be downloadable but do not work, email Hobbs. We apologize for any inconvenience; HulkShare sucks.