Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Listen & Download] Seize The Day With Towers & Trees

When an opportunity to grow presents itself, take advantage of the situation. When your friend offers to record and produce the music you've created but bashfully kept to yourself, you accept. When a bunch of your friends ask if they can play music with you and let you lead, you nod your head in agreement. It's not a complicated formula, and its meaning is pretty blatant: you're good at what you do. When Adrian Chalifour of Victoria, British Columbia started writing songs, his friend, Ben, knocked on his door offering to record and produce Adrian's work. Then, Ben told Andrea, Donovan, Dave, Kiana, and Olivier about his project with Adrian. The six friends showed up with instruments in hand, and soon after the indie-folk band Towers & Trees was born in September of 2012 in front of a sold out audience. 

Towers & Trees' first and only album, Broken Record, is a hybrid of foot-stomping snaps and claps and delicately constructed ballads. Led by the popular hit, "Montreal" (which can be downloaded for free for a limited time), the short record shoots to portray the Pacific Northwest through a Canadian-folk lens. With opportunities grasped and growing potential ahead of them, Towers & Trees continues to "find joy in playing music and sharing that joy with as many people as possible. The future is bright indeed."

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