Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Listen & Download] Corndawgin' with Jonny Fritz

Jonny Fritz has an incredibly odd story. Born in Montana, wandering Virginia, and cramming an entire lifetime into his pre-teen years has made Jonny a little whimsical. He adopted the surname Corndawg (only recently returning to Fritz, his birth name). He opted out of the whole higher education thing and spent his time "developing a blind man's ear for the slightest turn in a tale or human voice." He left home at a young age, totally un-phased, as if he was simply taking the next step in a normal life. Equipped with a motorcycle and a duffle bag filled with mountain twang, Jonny bounced from town to town sharing his talents with willing ears. 

"If I could sell 3 CDs a night, I would have enough for gas and to make it to the next town."

Since his ambitious wanderings, Jonny has signed with ATO Records, garnered attention from his peers, and settled down in Nashville, Tennessee: the music capital of the world. He's living the dream and loving every minute of it. Listen in below and become a part of Jonny's long, odd journey to the top.

Download a Jonny Fritz original HERE

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