Saturday, February 2, 2013

[Listen] Don't Mess With The Heavy

[Sounds like: The Black Keys, Jack White, AWOLNATION]

The Heavy is an indie-soul rock band from Bath, England. They're loud, they have cool nicknames (for example, Big Daddy Spence plays the bass), and they don't care about what other people think. These characteristics make up one badass persona - a personality that make pea coats and bowler hats look cool. Kelvin Swaby, the head of this British rock monster, has grinding vocals that when accompanied by the band's support, churn out a sound reminiscent of The Black Keys. 

The group unleashed their third studio album back in August and it harbors one of the band's best songs. "What Makes A Good Man" is a rolling stomp anthem fully equipped with backup vocals, "oohs and ahhs," and shredding guitars. You may not like everything The Heavy throw out, but if you're going to enjoy any of it, this is where to start. So forgive our month long absence (we'll explain soon), and enjoy our return with The Heavy...

What Makes A Good Man // The Heavy

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