Thursday, December 6, 2012

[Listen] Current Swell Rises Into Our Favorites

[Sounds like: Bag of Toys, The Beautiful Girls, ALO]

Surf rock sucks. It's been strung up and beaten relentlessly since Jack Johnson came into the picture several years ago. There are, however, a few shining heroes fighting to keep the genre respectable, as well as adaptable. Our friends, Bag of Toys, have gone the traditional route, changing little but doing things so well you can't help but love them. Our newest discovery, Current Swell, however, is changing the game and the genre by creating a hybrid. Think of grassy roots wrapped around a boogie board.  

Based out of British Columbia, this four man quartet has traveled the world, lived in cramped quarters, and have consequently created a close-knit movement they coin "singalong-ready roots rock." I'll give them some credit, they're not really surf rock anymore, yet they're not exactly not. It's confusing, I know. If I have completely lost you (which is always the likely case), the best way to deal with the bewilderment is to shut down and just listen. Current Swell's latest album, Long Time Ago, came out in October of 2011. Stream it below


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