Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Download] Spencer Hannemann Keeps Growing

[Sounds Like: William Elliott Whitmore, The Wood Brothers, Joe Pug]

Hey remember that guy we told you about a while back? Let me clarify. Remember that guy with the angel-molded voice that has countless projects online up for grabs? Well he's back with a new album, titled Dead as Disco, and it's a collection of 10 more freebies that have us falling in love with Spencer Hannemann's music all over again. This methodical folk-machine of a singer/songwriter released Dead as Disco yesterday, only two months after releasing his first official full length album. At a certain point, we thought we would be scratching our heads and anticipating a sudden drop off in execution from our new friend. After all, he has six EPs and two albums all within the last two years. Probably ridiculous and definitely addictive, Spencer's music is a must grab. Obsessed with playing and distributing his work, Spencer is inevitably growing his sound at an exponential rate. 

It hits you pretty quickly. The first song off Spencer's new album, "Nebraska," is a refreshing rise in tempo (a very minor rise) from his ordinarily slow and raw songs. And although most of the album stays within his normal sound, there is no resentment coming from our corner. It's his niche and with his raspy, deep rooted voice, he belongs there. You can grab Dead as Disco off his website, along with his other work, for free after you stream the new album below...

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