Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Watch] The Best, New Voice of 2012

She's left college on an impulse, she moved across the country, and she waits tables just so she can pay rent. From Florida to California, Connor Zwetsch has relocated herself in order to chase a dream, and we're seriously doubting she'll have any trouble catching it. In fact, we're casting our ballot, marking Connor as the best, new voice of 2012. Her portfolio isn't overflowing and her supplies are limited, yet she has a voice that warrants immediate attention from everyone. Soulful and raw, Connor's voice is a simple emission of gift-wrapped dirtiness. It's not like a fruit basket though; think more of shotgun with a bow on it. Yeah. 

Young, cute, and ready to shock the music scene across the country, Connor Zwestch is easily the best, new voice of 2012. You heard it here, and that's all that really matters. Blow your mind below...

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