Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Listen & Watch] Kae Sun Redefined

It's been a while since we last heard from Kae Sun, the Ghanaian-Canadian singer-songwriter who surprised us all with his debut album, Lion On A Leash. I first found Kae Sun by chance - scouring the internet and randomly stopping on a video of a man singing his heart out in a church. It wasn't gospel, it wasn't holy, but instead it was folky and rustic. That song's name is "When The Pot," and Kae Sun immediately won me over with its raw vibe. 

Since then, Kae Sun has come a long way. His sound, unfortunately for my snobs of ears, is no longer as acoustic as I once loved and obsessed over. The folk influences remain - don't get me wrong - but there seems to be a more developed sound coming from Sun and his band. Exemplified by his latest single, "Ship and the Globe," Sun is finally pulling together a well-produced sound. Despite being a little poppy at times, this one has us in full anticipation for Sun's new LP, Afriyie, coming out in early 2013. Full of potential, full of talent: Kae Sun. Hit the jump below to watch the official music video for "Ship and the Globe," then head over to his website to grab a few for free in anticipation for his new project. Enjoy


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