Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Listen] The Bowerbird's Craft

[Sounds like: Bon Iver, Joanna Newsome, The Mountain Goats]
Post written by contributing writer, Rachel Rosenson

“And I do need the wind across my pale face, And I do need the fern to unfurl in the spring, And I do need the grass to sway, Yes I do need to know my place” 
Northern Lights by Bowerbirds 

Beth Tacular and Phil Moore, the real life couple that front the band Bowerbirds, takes folk to the next level. Not only are they folk artists, but while recording their latest album they lived in a trailer together sans running water and electricity as they built themselves a cabin by hand. During this process, Beth almost died from a mysterious illness, they broke up, got back together, and a great album was born: The Clearing. Bowerbirds understand more than the craft of building a cabin in the woods, they know the craft of music. The craft of their voices, the craft of their instruments, the craft of writing poetically profound lyrics. Enjoy their craft, I know I certainly do.

Tuck the Darkness In // Bowerbirds

Buy the The Clearing HERE

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