Monday, October 8, 2012

[Download] Josh Phillips Folk Festival Open for Obsession

[Sounds like: The Grateful Dead, Alabama Shakes]

We missed their debut album, but we're on top of things with their sophomore effort, Get Outside. The Josh Phillips Folk Festival is unfortunately not a weekend-long assortment of musicians that conveniently and confusingly have the same name. Instead, it's a band based out of Asheville, North Carolina. What's so special about them? They combine folk with funk, spread it around, add some instrumental jam, and top it off with a crunchy voice. 

The band's newest project, Get Outside, showcases the band's diversified sound and consequently gives insight as to why they operate under the title of a festival. The album's opening track, "Angelina," is as much as it was expected to be - a fiddling, picking romp session about a desirable woman. What's not to love? Immediately following is my personal favorite: "Traveler's Song." It's fast paced, it's funky, and it keeps your foot engaged with the go-to stomping motion. It's that quick and unexpected genre shift that makes Josh Phillips Folk Festival symbolize that long, bewildered weekend on a mountaintop. Unlike a music festival, though, Josh Philips is giving his album away free of charge. Dig in below

Download Get Outside HERE


  1. FYI >>> The "folks" that were the core members of the band were released of their duties after this album was recorded. Shame really.

  2. This album rocks, no shame about it. I'm glad they made this album cause I listen to it everyday.