Monday, September 17, 2012

[Download & Watch] Matt Corby's Made of Stone EP

[Sounds like: Mumford & Sons, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake]

For those that follow Beat Dropping, it's no secret I love Australian singer/songwriters. It's the accent, it's the obvious down under vibe, and it's certainly the craftsmanship that keep me drawn towards the Aussies. This is the fifth time that Sydney native, Matt Corby, has made it on Beat Dropping, and it is by no mistake. With a voice so sweet and a sound so soft, Corby's music is undeniably ambient and emotional - a unique mix of acoustic blues flavored by the country he hails from. 

"Pull yourself out of this state dear / Acknowledge you were a fake here..." 

Almost 22 years old, Corby's music ironically alludes to a musician aged and wised. His most recently debuted project, a mini-EP titled Made of Stone, captures Croby's ability to write pungently raw lyrics in a simplistic manner. Compared to his live performances, however, they do no justice. When performing, Corby, to simply put it, pours his emotions out. In a growling heap of sweeping tones, Matt Corby effortlessly captivates listeners...


Corby's latest single, which shares the EP's title, is a stripped down tune featuring Corby's talents on the piano and the softer, falsetto side of his vocal abilities. It leaves little surprise that Corby has worked and studied with Mumford & Son's Ben Lovett - a relationship that has helped him reach quadruple platinum status in Australia. Corby's soulful softness also warrants frequent comparisons to the likes of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.

Having conquered his home land, Corby is set on taking the United States by storm. He's already sold out numerous shows in New York and Los Angeles, and released the Made of Stone EP this summer when he played at SXSW. The mini project is available for free, just as long as you're willing to give Corby your email address. Your decision should be fairly easy, though, seeing that this 3 song project features some of Corby's most powerful songs to date. Follow the link below to grab your digital copy and to grow obsessed with a growing Aussie talent...

Download the Made of Stone EP HERE
Listen/Purchase more of Matt Corby's music THERE

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