Sunday, September 2, 2012

[Download] Reasons to Love Jay Trainer

[Sounds Like: Led Zeppelin, Ben Harper, Allman Brothers]
Post written by contributing writer, Rachel Rosenson

I think there are a couple reasons why I love Jay Trainer:
A) He is from San Francisco, and me being a newbie to the Bay Area, I am overly excited about everything San Francisco-esque. 
B) His music is a million things rolled into one. Some songs are relaxing, some have a shredding acoustic guitar, but all of his songs are grand. His guitar and bass lines have a definite blues/jazz thing going on, but he adds a unique twist to each song that really makes a unique sound. An example would be his song "Soulful Rights, Soulful Days" where there is a strong trumpet line and seemingly monkeys or elephants screeching in the background. Others songs sound a lot more mainstream (not in a bad way, just in a they-only-use-instruments-not-jungle-noises way), but either way I love them both. 
C) He is hipster-good-Samaritan in that he created Artfulchange, a social action network that uses art and music to raise awareness for environmental causes. 

Moral of the story I guess is that good people sure do make good music. 

Run // Jay Trainer Band

Better To Breathe // Jay Trainer Band

Download more of Jay Trainer's music HERE

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