Thursday, September 13, 2012

[Download] Cassino Enters Our Radar

[Sounds Like: The New Frontiers, Northstar]
Post written by contributing write, Rachel Rosenson

Cassino isn’t new, and their latest album came out in March of 2011, so that is not quite new either, but my brother just turned me onto them and I don’t want to wait for a new album before I try to share them with the world. Cassino sounds like they would be a very stereotypical Southern country band considering it is the creation of Nick Torres and Tyler Odom, two childhood friends from Huntsville, Alabama that record in Nashville. However, I never would have known of their Southern background until I read it online

Their sound is undeniably folk, even though there is fiddle, banjo and mandolin interspersed within their album. Besides great music, their lyrics are brilliant—they seem to have this underlying theme how people are destroying the Earth and themselves with money, pollution and all of those other horrible American traits we have. 

Kingprince // Cassino

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