Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[Watch] Mumford & Sons Up Our Heartbeats With New Single

[Sounds like: The Avett Brothers, Of Monsters And Men, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros]

We're counting down the days until Mumford & Sons release their long anticipated sophomore album, Babel, on September 24th. We've gotten sneak peaks at the project in various formats - some of the new songs have worked their way into the band's set lists as far back as the Pinkpop Festival in late May. Needless to say, our mouths have been left slightly ajar ever since, drool building up on our keyboards. These puddles of drool are only getting worse as the band released "I Will Wait," the first single from Babel, today. It's every bit Mumford as you'd expect - the band has verbally shared their intentions of staying true to their world famous, foot stomping, singalong sound. 

"The ingredients are very much the same; the four core instruments and a lack of a drummer, which can give it that strange, simple, unique sort of sound, " Ted Dwayne (string bass, vocals) says. "I don't think we were looking to be too crazy and experimental." 

The themes, however, seem to be more focused on heartbreak and longed companionship. The band has been touring relentlessly around the globe since releasing Sigh No More three years ago, and the second album seems to be a symbol of the homesickness involved in the tour. Homesick or not, Mumford will no doubt deliver a remarkable second project. It's like the album's producer, Markus Dravs, says: "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" Hit the jump below to watch the video for "I Will Wait" and let the drooling commence...

[Rolling Stone]


  1. This is great! Will we have you at Music on the Mountaintop this year? We hope so!

  2. Thanks Jimmy! I talked to Hart today and unfortunately we won't be able to make it this year. But definitely count us in next year! I'll email you the links when we promote and feature MOTM in the coming days and weeks