Monday, August 6, 2012

[Watch & Download] Space Out & Get Lost

There's a difference between a slow song and a song that you can get lost in. A slow song plays at the end of a middle school dance, your hands inching closer and closer to the girl's hips - leave room for Jesus. A song you can get lost in however, has the ability to wrap its notes around you, throwing you into the depths of ambient, echoing sounds. This kind of music sometimes gets overlooked. Bon Iver is a prime example: absolutely beautiful music, but can easily be disregarded because of their stripped down (and consequently unfamiliar) style. 

To hell with the norm, though. Space out and get lost in music that is neither mainstream nor energetic. It can be sad, it can be calming, and it can be some of the most moving music you ever hear. Here's to losing yourself in sound. Hit the jump below.

Towers // Bon Iver

Trading Hemispheres // Oscar Dowling

All Of My Days // Alexi Murdoch 

Breathe // Matt Corby 

Beggar In The Morning

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