Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Preview] 5th Annual Music On The Mountaintop: Part 4 of 4

[Sounds like: Naked Gods, Rose's Pawn Shop, Monroeville, Salem Speaks]

The promotional madness that is the 5th annual Music on the Mountaintop preview that's unfolded over the past three days is sadly coming to a close. We're nearing a new type of chaos next week, however. Bluegrass, folk, jazz, and almost everything in between will flow from the mountaintops of Boone, North Carolina. It'll be quick - just three days - but it will almost certainly be perfect. Chaotic perfection: only obtainable by music itself. 

We only need to cover four more bands in order to complete our 16-band preview of this year's MOTM lineup. We'll be closing out with Naked Gods (they're far from the reality), Rose's Pawn Shop, Monroeville, and Salem Speaks. I swear, if you haven't already bought tickets to this music festival by the time this preview is over, I will kick a puppy. Hit the jump below to prevent such an atrocity...

This is a prime case of when a band's name is the exact opposite of what should be expected. The gentlemen  in the above picture are the members of Naked Gods, and are nothing near godly in appearance (no offense). We're gonna classify these guys under indie psych pop. Not sure what that means? Neither are we, so it's best to just hit the play button. There's a thumping bass, a couple of symbols, and an echoing guitar that you may have to get used to. Once pleasantries are exchanged, though, you should be well on your way to enjoying a sound not normally heard on the mountaintop - here's to variety. They'll be hitting the stage on August 25th.  

Yoho // Naked Gods

Rose's Pawn Shop is an Americana, bluegrass jam band all the way from Los Angeles, California. West Coast pickin', as we're coining it, doesn't happen very often. This band isn't a stranger to mishaps, however. Their name stems from a fateful run-in with band member, Paul Givant's ex-girlfriend. Taking the band's instruments to a local pawn shop in a heated tantrum, Rose unknowingly titled a growing bluegrass group paving their own path along the West Coast. On stage August 25th as well, Rose's Pawn Shop will no doubt please the crowd. 

Dancing On the Gallows // Rose's Pawn Shop

Monroeville wins the award for worst band photo. For a bluegrass band, they're looking almost a little too tough. It's a phony tough, too, as in they're trying too hard to look that way. BUT we're here to talk music, not branding. If you love the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, then you'll love Monroeville - they're deep country folk and they're not afraid of releasing some twang into the airwaves. They're not all bluegrass, however, as the band prides itself off their ability to swing styles, playing a more subdued acoustic country sound. Chances are, if you're from the south and headed up to Boone next weekend, you'll love Monroeville. They're on August 25th. 

Country Blues // Monroeville

Salem Speaks is the youngest band at this year's MOTM, but their musicianship might have you fooled for experienced artists. The group started playing in high school, touring from garage to garage. Ultimately, over the past two years they've been together, they've formed a unique bond reminiscent of Dawson's Creek. I don't mean that in a bad way - Dawson's Creek was an awesome show. I'm serious. These guys are still in college and their music is still visibly growing, yet their talent lies with some of the best. Their spot in this year's MOTM will help prove it. They're playing one the festival's last day, August 26th.

California // Salem Speaks


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