Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Preview] 5th Annual Music On The Mountaintop: Part 3 of 4

[Sounds like: Holy Ghost Tent Revival, The Black Lillie's, Natural Bridge, River Whyless]

I'm sure you've already bought tickets to this year's Music on the Mountaintop festival. I mean after the first 8 acts we've featured, the decision to go should be a simple one. It's chalked full of amazing talent and to add icing to the cake, Railroad Earth is hosting (and teaching). The enhanced focus on musician and fan interactions makes the 5th annual MOTM a special one. But, if for whatever reason you need more convincing, here are four more bands that will be strutting their stuff on stage in Foscoe, North Carolina August 24th-26th. Hit the jump below and learn a little bit about Holy Ghost Tent Revival, The Black Lillie's, Natural Bridge, and River Whyless...

Besides having an awesome name, Holy Ghost Tent Revival also has an awesome sound. It's folky, it's brassy, and it's a little twangy. If you ask me (which you kinda are since you're on our website), that's a winning combination. These guys will be playing on August 25th. I'd make it a point to head out and see them simply because they have a boat load of instruments. From accordians to trumpets and on over to a couple of banjos, Holy Ghost Tent Revival will leave ya arm and arm with your nearest honey, bouncing to and fro'.


Yes. Back to the bluegrass. The world is right again. The Black Lillie's are a male dominated band with a lone gal stuck in the middle. Possibly an unfavaroable position for Trisha Gene Brady when this quick strumming group gets hot, but we're not hearing any complaining. They seem to have a winning combination - The Black Lillie's have won countless awards for their debut album, Whiskey Angel, and they're gaining national recognition for their latest project, 100 Miles of Wreckage. These guys are a must see if you make it up to the Boone area - hands down. They'll be performing the 25th as well.

Two Hearts Down // The Black Lillie's (available for free below)

If you're a folk fan, you've probably heard of Larry Keel. He's kind of a big deal and one hell of a flat picker. In fact, he's a world champion on the guitar. So to hell with March Madness, I'm going to the flat picking tournament next year. Anyways, Keel is the front man for Natural Bridge, and they've got some of the quickest fingers you'll ever lay eyes on. They'll be part of the "super-jam" on August 26th, making it one of the most anticipated musical romps of the summer. It's gonna be like the Monster Jam for bluegrass players. Whoa. If that wasn't a good enough image for you, then staring at Keel's facial hair should suffice.

I'm obsessed with River Whyless and their ambient folk sound. Lead singer Ryan O'Keefe has an amazingly delicate voice that quivers in between violins and tamborines. I can see the entire band running through wheat fields right about now, belting out song after song, pleasing thousands as they pop up on stage at this year's MOTM. They'll be performing on opening day, August 24th. They won't have to travel far to do so, either, as they hail from Boone. So, actually, maybe they will run through a field to get to the stage - sort of like a backyard talent show. 

Stone // River Whyless


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