Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Preview] 5th Annual Music On The Mountaintop: Part 2 of 4

[Sounds like: Greensky Bluegrass, Futurebirds, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Hackensaw Boys]

If for some ridiculous reason you were not sold on the 5th annual Music on the Mountaintop by the first four artists and bands featured, then here are four more to continue the persuasion. We're taking a look at Greensky Bluegrass (one of our favorites), Futurebirds, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and The Hackensaw Boys this time around. The more and more time we spend talking about this year's MOTM makes us that much more excited. Join us in our puddles of drool by hitting the jump below...

For me, Music on the Mountaintop is an excuse to consume abnormally large amounts of bluegrass. The festival isn't entirely bluegrass oriented as I pointed out with part one of our preview, but a large portion of the musical airwaves are filled with the sounds of mandolins, banjos, and the most badass instrument of all - the standup bass. 

Greensky Bluegrass is no exception to neither the festival nor my infatuation with the country pickin'. They're as good as they come, standing equal amongst some of the best in their field (Yonder Mountain, Infamous Stringdusters, Railroad Earth, the list goes on...). You should make it a point (if you love bluegrass) to see these strumming fools when they hit the stage on opening day, August 24th. If you don't like bluegrass, anticipate breaking out in hives. 

Handguns // Greensky Bluegrass

I haven't quite made up my mind about the Athens, Georgia based band, Futurebirds. Their sound is unique and although reminiscent of fellow festival mate, Dr. Dog, I can't quite figure them out. Country rock "with a psychedelic twist," Futurebirds' sound will inevitably catch ears when they perform August 25th. Their song "Johnny Utah" is a paragon for the group's sound. You feel like you've stepped into a Chinese herb shop when you discover a band of cowboys hanging out in the back talking about cattle and rattlers. So, yeah, I guess I like it then. 

Johnny Utah // Johnny Utah (available for free download here)

Bringin' a little New Orleans up to Boone this year, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is one of the premier brass bands still left in the modern music industry. You might think it's a little odd that an old school jazz machine would make their way up to Foscoe, North Carolina for a music festival - and so do we. That isn't to say we're not liking the call, though. Hell, I've never been to New Orleans and I might not ever go, but I'ma sure as hell enjoy my piece of the bayou up in Foscoe on August 25th. 

We Got Robbed // The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (available for free below)

Hack, saw, drill, shovel. We don't care how you do it, but get in front of the stage when The Hackensaw Boys stumble on. They're wild and fast. Every bit as country as you can get, The Hackensaw Boys will hit the stage running on August 24th and probably won't look back until all their strings are broken. In addition to seeing top knotch picking, festival goers will have the privelage of seeing Ferd Moyse's beard - always a plus. Count on taking a shot of Five Hour Energy before this one, you'll need it in order to keep up with these guys. 

Blue Run // The Hackensaw Boys (available for free below)


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