Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Listen] Tigers On Trains, Grey-Haired Dental Demons

[Sounds Like: a happier Bon Iver, a male Feist]
Post written by contributing writer, Rachel Rosenson

"And I realized the spirits/they lived in my feet/how they 
itched/and made me sane" -"Sea Weed"

Why this band is unsigned is a mystery to me, because stumbling across their albums brightened my day ten fold. After all, it's lyrics like this that make me love music. Simple but not obvious, poetically prophetic but not pretentious, a chant-able mantra but not overly catchy.

Tigers on Trains is an acoustic Indie-Folk band formed by Christian Van Deurs and Mason Maggio in 2006, backed by a band of a haunting harmony of vocals, trumpets, violins, and percussion. Individually the music itself is serene, the lyrics stick with you, but how they intertwine and create a soothing sound perfect for lazy Tuesday mornings makes them a favorite. Haven't fallen in love with them yet? On their Facebook page, the band describes themselves by saying, "There are grey-haired demons living behind our teeth; when we open our mouths they sing, mostly in imaginary keys." Their debut album, Grandfather, can be streamed below and their sophomore effort, Foundry, is now available for purchase.

Check out more of Tigers on Trains' music HERE

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