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[Listen & Remember] The Recycling Bin: August 2012

[Sounds Like: William Elliott Whitmore, The Oh Hello's, Matt Moberg]
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For this month's Recycling Bin, we chose to revisit three of our all time favorites (which really isn't saying much since we've fallen in love with every song on this website): William Elliott Whitmore, The Oh Hello's, and Matt Moberg. Each band and musician has incredible talent - some of it noticed throughout the states, while the rest is still widely undiscovered. Regardless of their level of fame in the music game, however, all three bring incredible works and attributes to the table. Hit the jump below to rediscover these guys and see what we're talking about...

William Elliott Whitmore is a 63 year old African-American residing on his farm in South Georgia. He has a peppered beard that has stolen the hair on top of his head. He chews tobacco, he can't see very well, and he has boney fingers. Wait. What the hell? 

It happens every time I listen to Whitmore and his banjo. His voice is so deep and powerful, it's impossible to ignore Whitmore's songs and picture any other image than the one described above. Like I stated back in August 2011, when we first featured Whitmore, just subtract a few years, 30 to be exact, and we were almost right about our image. Regardless of his appearance, however, Whitmore delivers songs in an extremely simple, yet emotional manner. His music instills an element of solace in all of us, but also a slight rawness as his songs have developed into a "stark dramatic sound rooted in bluegrass, blues and folk protest music." The bottom line: William Elliott Whitmore has one of the most iconic voices in the folk game. So sit back, strum that air-banjo, and enjoy a musician Beat Dropping has grown obsessed with since the beginning. 

Field Song // William Elliott Whitmore

We featured The Oh Hello's in their full, singer/songwriter capacity back in February of this year for the first and only time. The only reason this acoustic duo has frequented Beat Dropping more is because we haven't seen any new music since then. The closest we've come is a teasing note on their Facebook page. But since this is the Recycling Bin, we're giving these folk guru's another spin on the table. 

These Texas siblings came out with their first and only EP on the 1st of December last year. Out of those four great songs, one rang true and has been pinned as their best. "Hello My Old Heart" is an effortless tune that showcases the pair's ability to write meaningful lyrics: "Well don't you worry/in there, you're safe/and it's true, you'll never beat/but you'll never break." Effortless, pleasant, and meaningful: The Oh Hello's are a band that we're begging to see more from. 

Hello My Old Heart // The Oh Hello's (Available for free below, entire EP can be found HERE)

Matt Moberg quickly became one of Beat Dropping's friends after we first featured his work in June of 2011. One of the most appreciative and genuine musicians out there, Matt Moberg is the poster child for starving artists. He may not have the money, but he certainly has the talent. He's currently under a start up label named Hewitt Records, which records in a residential attic. When he plays, he plays within Minnesota's state lines. When he sings, though, his music breaks loose; his sound making it to the east coast and into our ears is proof of this. And for this, Matt is extremely grateful. When we checked in with him last, we asked Matt what his single greatest live experience has been since pursuing music. Easy answer... 
"I'd say my favorite performance came in a talent show contest for the Minnesota State Fair a few years back. Knowing that it'd be tough for a folk singer like myself to make it to the finals on my skill set alone, I enlisted the help of a girl from my college who I had heard sing but I didn't know her very well. I'll spare you the details, but we managed to make it to the final night and played 'Kiss the Girl' in front of about 15,000 people. Two years later, that girl became my wife." 
It comes as little surprise that Matt would list this experience as his greatest live moment; his wife has been with him every step of the way. Grateful and talented - a winning  combination (and appreciated by the likes of music bloggers) for a growing artist that will surely break free from state lines with future projects. 

Love on My Arm // Matt Moberg

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