Monday, August 27, 2012

[Listen] The Mysterious Depressions of Nashville, Tennessee

[Sounds Like: Phil Collins, Steve Forbert, The Police]

It is extremely difficult to fail at finding something on the internet. Google alone has kept inquisitive minds at ease by compiling endless lists and finishing our sentences. But tonight Google, the internet, and myself stand relatively in the dark. I found The Depressions by way of their Bandcamp website, but any information further than their streaming album, Pas Tout La, seems to be fairly evasive. I've exhausted the search bar and completed their album. Despite finding next to nothing on the band, I came away with two impressions. First, they give Phil Collins a run for his money while instilling a youthful, funky vibe simultaneously. Secondly, the album cover for Pas Tout La seems to be a montage of the Carolina Cup, Boy Scouts, and a shady drug deal. Needless to say, I had high hopes before hitting the play button. Those hopes were just confirmed...

Stones // The Depressions

Rita // The Depressions

Purchase The Depression's debut album HERE

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