Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Download] Trails And Ways, An Infectious Sound

The dream pop, electronic folk, and sometimes foreign speaking group known as Trails and Ways released visuals for their latest song, "Mtn Tune." For your personal well being, we feel compelled to let you know that the sounds you're about to hear are highly addictive and may result in the desire to climb a really large rock or run through a field with a bunch of your friends. It's not just "Mtn Tune," which debuted earlier this month, that will do this to you. It's the band's entire collection of enchanting dream tracks that will have you up and running. Sure, Play 60 is doing wonders for all the chubby kids out there, but Trails and Ways have something really special here. Hit the jump after listening to "Mtn Tune" below to watch the new music video... 

Mtn Tune // Trails and Ways

Download more of their music HERE

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