Monday, August 27, 2012

[Download] Spencer Hannemann & 40 Free Songs

[Sounds Like: William Elliott Whitmore, The Wood Brothers, Ryan Bingham]

This one blows my mind. Spencer Hannemann, a native of Irvine, California, is a singer/songwriter who has a quivering voice hand molded by folk angels. It's raw and emotional, but most of all, when accompanied by his acoustic guitar, it's irresistible. Hannemann released his full length album, 10 Songs, a week early (originally set to debut September 1st), and needless to say, he has my iTunes library working like a broken record. This freebie isn't Hannemann's first project, however. In fact, there are currently 40 songs spread out over 9 released projects that you can greedily grab for no charge (this would be the appropriate reaction). Don't ask me why. With his voice, each one of these projects could be bringing in the big bucks. But thankful we are, and complain we shall not. There's no better feeling than finding a few great songs (or 40) for free.

Oh, did I mention all 9 projects, including 6 EPs, and the full length album have been released in just the past two years? He doesn't know it yet, but Hannemann became our best friend today. Stream and download his new album below, then head over to his bandcamp page to download the new album and EVERYTHING else.

Download 40 of Spencer Hannemann's songs HERE

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