Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Download] Robert Francis Eases Us Into His New Album

[Sounds like: Iron & Wine, Joshua Radin, Griffin House]

You're driving along a winding highway chiseled out along a mountain's rocky, blue-tinted side. Let's say you're behind the wheel of a Jeep Cherokee with wood paneling (product placement? I wish). You've got your lab in the passenger seat, his head out the window, tongue flailing in whichever direction it chooses. Oh, and you're wearing flannel and have an awesome, poorly groomed beard (it's just a phase). It should be noted, also, that this whole scene is being filmed in somewhat-slow-motion. 

This short film has to have music, right? Shit. What do we use? Robert Francis, that's who. 

Robert Francis goes along with the above scene like a kid goes with Elmer's. It just works, and once you listen to Francis's new album, Strangers In The First Place, you'll certainly feel the same way. The guy hails from Los Angeles and he's been playing the piano before his feet could touch the pedals and the guitar since he was 7. It's no secret he's talented, but a little promoting never hurt. Stream three songs from his new album below and then head over to NoiseTrade to grab a few tracks for free plus an optional tip (leave a tip). 

Download the NoiseTrade sampler HERE
Purchase the whole album THERE

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