Thursday, August 2, 2012

[Download] New Group, Misun, Releases First EP

[Sounds like: RAC, Florence + The Machine, Adele]

Whoa. This is kind of cool. It's like (try and stay with me) if you went to a Laser Quest with a bunch of your friends. You're running around in the dark trying to shoot everyone when you finally lock onto your fattest friend. You're closing in on him when you round a corner and there's Florence Welch joining in on the chase but she has an acoustic guitar instead of a gun. Regardless, it still shoots lasers. Right when you think you can tag both of them, the floor opens up and everyone falls into a lukewarm pool. All you can think to say after you come up for a breath of air is, "Whoa. This is kind of cool." 

That, as far as we're concerned, is the most accurate visual representation of what Misun, the newly formed band from DC, sounds like. So what are their choice of words for their sound? Just two: Aqua Wave. I like our description better, but either way, Misun should have no trouble grabbing attention if people just give it a listen. The band, comprised of Misun Wojcik (vocals), William Devon (guitar), and Nacey (keys and production), released their first project as an official group back on July 7th. Luckily for all the stingy folk out there, it's free. I shouldn't even have to say this, but be sure to follow these guys; they have the potential to go somewhere (coming to a Laser Quest near you?) Stream and download the entire EP via T&A Records below.

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