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[Read & Listen] A Short Talk With Troup: The UK & Mickey Mouse's Teeth

[Sound like: Brandon James, Vince Gill, Tommy Stinson] 

Troup. is an interesting mesh of talent from both sides of the pond. The band is based out of Los Angeles, but front man, Alex Troup, hails from Wales. His British influence is undeniably present in the new band's work, but their overall sound is growing closer and closer to that of an American-rooted rock band. Their debut album, titled "Last Chance For Romance," is a testament to this. I'm most interested in a specific song off the album, however, which was sent to us by our friends at Cheeky Nasty (It's a management company, I swear). 

It's called Mickey Mouse Teeth and I have listened to it numerous times since it fell into my lap. And despite my obsessiveness over it, I still don't fully understand what it's about, hence my eagerness to ask Troup a few questions. Hit the jump below to read through my brief chat with Alex Troup about the UK and the song... 

Beat Dropping: You're originally from Wales and now living in Los Angeles. In return, your music has taken an interesting turn from pop to a more Americanized rock sound. Talk a little about that transition and what it means to leave the UK behind. 
Alex Troup: Crashland wasn’t exactly a pop band - I guess I’d say we were Britpop-punk-indie-new wave-alternative with American influences, haha. I’ve always loved classic rock – British and American - The Stones, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, The Band, etc. Like Ian Brown said, “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!” 

Ever feel an inkling to go back, maybe revive the Britpop surge? Or are you here for good? 
I get homesick from time to time, of course. Nothing an afternoon in a good pub can’t cure, or a jam through some Stone Roses or Oasis tracks with Graham, who’s also British. I love L.A. though, and there’s plenty of great bands, venues and radio stations to start a new surge rather than revive an old one. 

How'd Troup come together, and how has your British background meshed with your band mates? 
I randomly met Evan a few years ago at Amoeba, and we hit it off and started making demos. Graham is an old friend from Britain, and Claudio and Darren came through the LA grapevine. Claudio is Italian and Darren and Evan are American. We’re like a U.N. force of rock! 

I'm growing obsessed with one of the album's songs. Explain to us what Mickey Mouse Teeth is about. 
I’m not sure what it’s about myself! But I saw an old cartoon where Mickey Mouse had teeth, before they sweetened him up, and that got me started and I just blurted all the lyrics out when I got the riff. Then I went off at a tangent, about how someone with no teeth aspires to live elegantly, or how the seemingly elegant are often debauched. I don’t know, I think the song says it better than me. 

So...are you a Disney fan? 
Yes, I like old Disney cartoons, and anything capable of grooming and spitting out Spears and Cyrus deserves respect!


Take from it what you will, but Mickey Mouse Teeth is an addictive tune that is worth three and a half minutes of your time. Despite it's greatness, however, I now have fleeting images of distorted Disney characters with Austin Powers teeth (no offense). I guess we'll call this one even...

Mickey Mouse Teeth - Troup.

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