Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Listen & Watch] Introducing Canyons: Indie Dance Folk?

[Sounds like: Xavier Rudd, Breakbot, The Lumineers]

I wish I lived in Australia purely for their music. Aussies know how to jam out and do so with sounds only they can produce. From soft spoken dudes like Xavier Rudd to the more flamboyant John Butler Trio, Australians do it right. As of an hour ago I was introduced to a unique duo from down unda. They call themselves Canyons and their latest album, titled "Keep Your Dreams," was released in October of 2011. Destined to make a statement, this album encompasses a wild assortment of sounds, bouncing from dance to psychedelic folk (as far as we know, these guys just invented a genre) in an instant. Hit the jump to read more and listen to some of the coolest Aussie sounds around... 

"If I tried to listen to an album with 10 dance songs, I'd be pretty bored by the third track," says Leo Thomson, one of the multi-faceted artists behind Canyons. "We don't want to be pigeonholed as a 'dance/electronic act' or 'DJs/producers' - because we're two musicians exploring a creative energy that could end up just about anywhere." 

And anywhere is exactly where Leo and Ryan Grieve take us with "Keep Your Dreams." Funky synthesizers to acoustics - we're placed on an auditory highway that stretches from random to captivating. It's a personal experience that may confuse you at first, but soon enough you'll find yourself bobbing up and down.

"Everything's done with the listener in mind this time," explains Ryan. "Some of it sounds like how we originally imagined it, and some of it doesn't. What's nice is that we can still listen to it as a whole, and aren't sick of it after living with everything 24/7 for the past two years."

You can take the entire album for a test drive via Spotify, but first, listen to our favorite track below. The video for it is a must watch as well. Woodstock vibes, man.

When I See You Again - Canyons

Purchase When I See You Again 
or the entire album HERE

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