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[Listen & Remember] The Recycling Bin: July 2012

We're starting a new monthly feature called "The Recycling Bin." We'll be revisiting 3 artists from Beat Dropping's past each month not by regurgitating the same write-ups and linking to the previous posts, but will rather spotlight the archived artists as if we were discovering them for the first time: different (although in some cases the same) music and a new perspective. Part of this new perspective we'll be taking revolves around various themes coming in the form of a single question. This month we're re-familiarizing ourselves with artists Jay Nash, Cas Haley, and Sean Hayes, and we asked them what their dreams are in life. A simple question that received some complex responses. Hit the jump below to rediscover some of Beat Dropping's past artists and learn a different side of them...

We first featured Jay back in March of 2011 and did so with a lonely YouTube video and a few sentences. And although we've accepted that the website was lost back then and lacking any real direction, we're still kicking ourselves for not paying Jay more attention. He showcases a simple style with a voice that'll make you raise your head. It's not insanely unique, but it helps mold music that everyone instantly clings to. He's certainly come into his own in the past few years, selling over 35,000 albums without a record deal. We tried to anticipate his answer to our dream question; we thought he'd talk about signing with a label. Jay surprised us, however, and revealed that music is much more than a business to him. 

"In a lot of ways, I'm living the dream that I always had as a kid," Jay told us. "I make a living traveling all over the world playing music and actually get paid to write and record in my home studio. It still blows my mind that my favorite thing in the world to do is actually my job." 

For Jay, it's not about the money and the fame. It seems to be about the people. We only asked for a 2-3 sentence answer to our question, but Jay responded with a paragraph. You don't see that very often - an artist taking the time to genuinely reach back out to their fans. 

"I enjoy having free reign to make these decisions and watch the growth and results of the good ones, but I would love to get the momentum of my career to the point where it almost carries itself on it's own. I don't even know if such a thing is possible, but that's my dream." 

He's certainly headed in the right direction to achieve such an aspiration, as he debuted yet another album in March titled "Of The Woods." It varies little in style - Jay seems to have found a niche - but somehow it's just a little better than the last. He's building his career song by song, album after album. That dream doesn't seem to be too far off. 

Cas Haley is the result of Bob Marley and a more ethnic version of Jason Mraz being thrown into a blender. He's a little poppy, mostly reggae, and garnished with an incredibly laid back demeanor. We featured him in February of 2011 (the first month of operation), and only wrote one sentence worth mentioning again: "He's fat, happy, and loving life." All of the preceding seems to be in check a year and a half later. Since his claim to fame on America's Got Talent, Cas has delivered another album titled "Connection." It's every bit as joyful and jamming as his first self titled project. He's riding his unique style to the top, but just like Jay Nash, he's not taking his fans for granted.

"My dream," he explains, "is to help people realize their highest potential by following my passion for creating and expressing myself through music. In other words, I want to help people realize and attain their own dreams."

The average listener could probably have guessed Cas's dream just by listening to his music. Without a doubt, Cas's love for music shines through each song he produces. His poppy side we mentioned before could be taken as potentially annoying, but with Cas, it's a different story. It's fun and infectious, it's fat and happy.

Sean Hayes is the veteran in this threesome. He's been around the block two or three times, but his music stays youthful with his uncanny and unparalleled voice (well it is pretty similar to Brett Dennan's, but you know what we mean). Also featured in February of 2011, Sean Hayes has been pleasing our ears for a while now. His 2010 album, "Run Wolves Run," is a must have for all music (and especially folk) enthusiasts. It's warm but it's also raw. Sean's voice can do that to ya - one second you're smiling and tapping your foot, and then the next moment you've noticed you dropped everything to just sit and listen. Luckily for us, the vocal roller coaster continues with his new album, "Before We Turn To Dust," which is set to debut on September 11th. Instead of giving us a straight forward answer, Sean opted to paint us a picture much like he does with is music - surreal images with a fuller vision of a good life.

"Warm nights, bass drums, electricity. Blood, voices, water, waves, touch. Money, numbers, moving, collaborating, learning. Photographs and songs."

It's not the clearest answer, and it may not be what we had in mind, but in its own strange way, it's acceptable. Sean's voice and picture do not match. You'd never match the two given his songs and a handful of head shots. So, when Sean told us about his dream, we weren't surprised that we were surprised (can I say that?). We take it that either Sean was lingering over a leftover dream from the night before or each word he mentioned is an individual dream - its contents gone unspoken. We're not getting too worked up over the mysteriousness of Sean's answer, though. We're too distracted by his music.

If you're diggin Sean's style, be sure to pre-order "Before We Turn To Dust" on his website, by which you will receive an immediate download of the album's single, Miss Her When I'm Gone - a more soulful tune from the man who deserves all the recognition in his surreal life. 

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