Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Listen] Carson Henley's Daring "100 Hours" Album

[Sounds like: Joe Cocker, Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder]

Daring and successful. Carson Henley, a Seattle native, had just enough money to rent 100 hours in a recording studio - just enough time, in his young, determined mind, to create one of the catchiest albums of the summer. Undoubtedly inspiring and irresistibly funky, "100 Hours" is a 7 seven track work of groove-based art that was released at the end of June. The artist, the self-proclaimed "redefined Joe Cocker," is only 26. Clearly he's not letting his young age, nor limited funds and time, get in his way of creating great music. 

“I wanted to push creativity to the limit and I knew the magic would come," say Henley. "We managed to create an environment that was both organically conducive to my writing process and unbelievably intense and rewarding at the same time.” 

Working with friends, such as accomplished singer/songwriter Allen Stone, Henley managed to weasel out an album that was once the butt of all jokes...now is right about when all the naysayers have grown quiet. "100 Hours" is not only well produced, but it also makes us think Henley has learned how to channel the likes of Wonder and Winwood. Bottom line: "100 Hours," quick paced and groovy one moment then slow and soulful the next, is a must grab album for those looking for new music with an old school vibe. Stream the title track, Fire (which also happens to be one of the best of the summer)below and then hit the jump afterwards to watch a short documentary on the making of the album... 

Fire - Carson Henley

Stream "100 Hours" HERE
Buy the whole album or just Fire THERE

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