Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Download & Listen] Jeremy Fisher's "Mint Juleps"

[Sounds like: Matthew Barber, The Steel Wheels, Timmy Curran]

Googling his name will only give you pictures of a toad from a children's story. Adding the word "music" after his name, however, will lead you directly to Fisher's new website, as well as his new album, "Mint Juleps." Damn glad we can think on our toes...

Fisher's voice is fairly simple, but it's this simplicity that reels you in for an easy listen. Coupled with his easy strumming, Fisher creates a project that is similarly styled like Ivan & Alyosha's work. Their sounds are much different, but the two groups do a good job of eliminating distractions. It's Fisher's voice, a few acoustics, and the occasional harmonica blow. Nothing more. Consequently, "Mint Juleps" is an enjoyable album for those who truly love folk. And although he may lose us on a few songs (such as I Lost My Baby, in which he switches up styles, including a whole new language), Fisher has us hooked. 

He's known for show-hopping on his bike - an unintentional symbol of his simplicity. Man, guitar, bike. That's all Fisher needs in order to prove he's more than just a toad in a children's book. Stream the downloadable track below, and then head over to Fisher's website to stream and purchase the entire album.

Built To Last - Jeremy Fisher

Stream and purchase "Mint Juleps" HERE

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