Monday, June 11, 2012

[Listen] Marcus Foster: UK to Stateside

[Sounds like: Will Hoge, A.A. Bondy, Matthew and the Atlas]

I caught wind of the Englishman, Marcus Foster, the other day via OurVinyl and their video shoot with him. He stood in front of an abandoned warehouse and proceeded to acoustically perform his song, Shadows of the City. I was hooked by the time the first verse left his mouth and immediately ventured over to his website. To my pleasure, it only got better. 

Marcus Foster has a soft voice that occasionally rips open, transforming into a powerful, scratchy showcase of natural talent. It's too bad he's overseas and touring primarily in Europe. It's also unfortunate that I'm just now discovering him since he made a brief stop in the States recently to play shows at SXSW in Austin, Texas. My poor timing doesn't mean I, and you, can't enjoy the man's work, however, as he has numerous projects on his website. Listen to a few below, grow obsessed, and hit the purchase button. The OurVinyl video is linked below. Enjoy

I Was Broken - Marcus Foster

Shadows Of The City - Marcus Foster

Listen to more of Marcus Foster's music HERE
Watch his acoustic performance of Shadows of the City THERE

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  1. Welcome to the obsession.

    PS I have it on good authority that Marcus will be back sooner rather then later.