Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Listen] Grabbing Your Attention With Pickwick

[Sound like: Alabama Shakes, Fitz & The Tantrums, Hot Bodies In Motion]

Oh man. I can get pretty excited about the smallest things, and you could easily classify right now as one of these stupid spikes in happiness. I just discovered the band, Pickwick, and am convinced I have fallen victim of the cliche, love at first sight. I'm obsessed. They're the perfect combination of blues, soul, rock, and folk. Plus, lead singer, Galen Disston, has a voice that is simply out of this world. They're about as groovy as Miles Davis and are quickly making a name for themselves, especially after having just rocked the Sasquatch Music Festival on May 26 (by the way, Sasquatch is something everyone should strive to go to. Unfortunately since I'm based out of South Carolina and a college student aka broke, flying to Washington and attending a three day music festival is a little above me at the moment). 

These guys want to grab your attention, and in turn have made me realize I'm doing this whole "music-promoting" thing the wrong way. Instead of writing posts on the internet, I should be going to the nearest libraries and belting out a few songs from different bands and telling people to check out their websites. Obviously, with my voice, I might be doing more harm than good, but when you have the vocals of Mr. Disston, you're setting yourself up for some pretty good PR. Follow the link after the songs below to watch Pickwick surprise the Suzzallo Reading Room at the University of Washington and see the little book worms go from annoyed to overjoyed...

Blackout - Pickwick

Hacienda Motel - Pickwick

Purchase Pickwick's music HERE
Watch them surprise a library THERE

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