Monday, June 25, 2012

[Listen & Download] Joe Pug's "The Great Despiser"

[Sounds like: The Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, John Prine]

We've somehow only featured singer/songwriter, Joe Pug, once before. With such a unique voice, it's a wonder I have let so much time pass before covering his work again. His acoustic, solo material from his debut EP, "The Nation of Heat," gripped me immediately and has been one of the most frequently played in my library. His latest album, titled "The Great Despiser," was released back in April, but I'm gonna play catch -up and feature it now. It's never too late for a favorite...

It's been four years since Pug left his carpentry days in pursuit of a new life centered around music. Within those four, short years, his music has grown immensely, simply illustrated by the most blatant difference between his EP and album - a band. Although Pug still clings to the intimate and soft sounds, he introduces a bigger feel to his music in "The Great Despiser." It introduces a slightly different vibe, yet remains close enough to Pug's raw, uncanny, and initial sound we quickly fell in love with to ease our nerves. 

The first listen I had to the music on "The Great Despiser" came in live form this past month in Charlotte, NC. His new sound pleasing my ears, I immediately bought myself the album, shook hands with Pug, and drove straight home listening to the album on repeat. Stream the title track below, compare it to one of his earlier tracks, and then follow the links to hear more. Bottom line: Pug's music is maturing, yet still raw. It's as every bit as emotional as his EP was, and therefore is a purchase and download well worth your money. 

The Great Despiser - Joe Pug

Hymn 101 - Joe Pug

Purchase "The Great Despiser" HERE
Download "The Nation of Heat" EP THERE

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