Sunday, June 24, 2012

[Listen & Download] Ivan & Alyosha Give Us Simple Tunes

[Sounds like: Civil Wars, Mumford & Sons, Motopony]

These are beautiful acoustics without distractions. Ivan & Alyosha is a four man band focusing on simplicity. Their music, and most recently their small, free project, "The Cabin Sessions," is stripped down, rid of booming bass. The emphasis is placed on vocals and guitar chords. It's mesmerizing and it's relaxing. 

"Ivan & Alyosha’s soulful folk tunes suggest a band inspired, hopeful and longing; 
a band unafraid to probe their collective faith and doubts."

The group hails from Seattle, and if you're familiar with the Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, you probably know the reasoning and purpose behind their name. For those that are not, aka 99% of you, the band's name hails from one of Dostoyevsky's novels, and long story short, discusses the existence of God. As expressed on the band's website, "talk of faith and exalted things is rare in indie rock today...The band charts their own course between divinity and disbelief." Their music is not gospel, it's indie and folk without a doubt. Their name and music simply explores their path and significance, just as Ivan and Alyosha do in the novel. 

Glorify - Ivan & Alyosha 

Download "The Cabin Sessions" HERE
Purchase more of their music THERE

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