Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Download] Upsetting The Balance With Little Daylight

[Sounds like: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, RAC remixes]

Right after my tweet last night about Edward Sharpe resembling Charles Manson, Little Daylight produced a remix of his and The Magnetic Zero's Man on Fire that has me thinking I somehow upset the balance of the folk world. Did I poke the bear? Is Edward Sharpe Charles Manson and did my accusation on Twitter flip the folk game upside down? I'm almost completely confident in saying I'm 100% wrong and this is just a coincidence. Regardless of whether or not I have uncovered the decade's weirdest conspiracy and biggest temperament change, Little Daylight's remix is a phenomenal take on one of Mr. Manson's Mr. Sharpe's newest tracks from their latest album, "Here." With more oomph to the music behind the iconic vocals, Man on Fire has now become a track resembling an amped up tribal folk tune. And, it is awesome. 

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