Friday, June 29, 2012

[Read] Dear Adele, What The Hell?

Adele and I were once penpals. Shamefully, we first met on an online dating site. We caught each other's eyes; her addiction to turtlenecks and her two-year-old wiener dachshund, Louis Armstrong, quickly grabbed my attention. We were in a bubble for a lustful 13 day period. The Skype dates were exciting and the letters were heartfelt. Then it all went to shit. She said she had met someone better, that it wasn't me, it was her. His name is Simon Konecki and he's some big shot over in the UK (founded a charity named Drop4Drop). I did the right thing and promptly bowed out, turned to the Lifetime channel, and got over her. Her most recent stunt, however, has me fuming once more. Simon's gone and knocked her up, prolonging and potentially ruining Adele's music career. Hit the jump below to read my last letter to Adele and find out why...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

[Listen & Download] Micah Dalton Fuses Soul and Folk

[Sounds like: Ben Harper, Caleb Hawley, Marvin Gaye]

My god, I was about to pack up my belongings and high tail it out west. With the western talent we've featured lately, I started to lose a little faith in my beloved east coast. I'm getting reassured tonight, however. Micah Dalton, a soulful singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, emits a unique sound resembling, as Paste Magazine puts it, an "earthier and cleverer Ben Harper." In our opinion, Dalton is also much more as he carries with him an arsenal of varying sounds. 

Dalton's most recent album, "Blue Frontier," debuted in March and showcases his versatility over numerous genre bending tracks. He's soulful and bluesy at one point, then switches to a much more relaxed sound, closer to the folk and acoustic sounds. Sometimes appearing in the same songs together, Dalton's genre-collaborating sound works perfectly and in fact provides a refreshing style. So thank you Micah. Not only have you supplied me with one of my favorite albums of the year, but for a second there, I thought I was gonna have to move to some town called Detroit. Stream "Blue Frontier" album below and either purchase the entire project via iTunes (or the physical here) or grab a couple free ones over on NoiseTrade. 

Purchase "Blue Frontier" HERE
Download a few from NoiseTrade THERE

Monday, June 25, 2012

[Listen & Download] Joe Pug's "The Great Despiser"

[Sounds like: The Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, John Prine]

We've somehow only featured singer/songwriter, Joe Pug, once before. With such a unique voice, it's a wonder I have let so much time pass before covering his work again. His acoustic, solo material from his debut EP, "The Nation of Heat," gripped me immediately and has been one of the most frequently played in my library. His latest album, titled "The Great Despiser," was released back in April, but I'm gonna play catch -up and feature it now. It's never too late for a favorite...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[Listen & Download] Ivan & Alyosha Give Us Simple Tunes

[Sounds like: Civil Wars, Mumford & Sons, Motopony]

These are beautiful acoustics without distractions. Ivan & Alyosha is a four man band focusing on simplicity. Their music, and most recently their small, free project, "The Cabin Sessions," is stripped down, rid of booming bass. The emphasis is placed on vocals and guitar chords. It's mesmerizing and it's relaxing. 

"Ivan & Alyosha’s soulful folk tunes suggest a band inspired, hopeful and longing; 
a band unafraid to probe their collective faith and doubts."

The group hails from Seattle, and if you're familiar with the Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, you probably know the reasoning and purpose behind their name. For those that are not, aka 99% of you, the band's name hails from one of Dostoyevsky's novels, and long story short, discusses the existence of God. As expressed on the band's website, "talk of faith and exalted things is rare in indie rock today...The band charts their own course between divinity and disbelief." Their music is not gospel, it's indie and folk without a doubt. Their name and music simply explores their path and significance, just as Ivan and Alyosha do in the novel. 

Glorify - Ivan & Alyosha 

Download "The Cabin Sessions" HERE
Purchase more of their music THERE

Saturday, June 23, 2012

[Interview] ZZ Ward Talks Instagram, Hip-Hop, and Attitude

[Sounds like: Adele, Holly Palmer, Alicia Keys]

She's young, she's driven, and she's filled with sass. Her name is ZZ Ward, and she's no stranger to Beat Dropping. We featured her mixtape, "11 Roses," a while back, and I was fortunate enough to recently exchange a few words with ZZ despite her busy schedule. In the few questions asked, we managed to cover everything from Instagam to her hip-hop influences, and on to her upcoming work - an EP out now and a new album due in September. Hit the jump below to read through our conversation and get to know this bluesy diva a little better... 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Listen & Read] Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

[Sounds like: Florence + The Machine, Zach Heckendorf, Ryan Adams]
Erin Andrews, Jessica Beil, and Grace Potter are probably the top three female celebrities I would marry in a second without even having to think twice. And just Tuesday, Miss Potter rose a few levels with "The Lion The Beast The Beat", an album she and The Nocturnals just released. This group of four incredibly talented musicians (especially you, Grace, you’re the best) has once again far surpassed expectations of their fans. With still the energy-filled “punch” and sound of the old Nocturnals, Miss Potter brings along a softer side similar to that of her solo material on her album, "Original Soul"

But this is definitely still a different Grace Potter than the girl we know from 2004. She’s rough yet poppy, intimidating yet sexy, but it is definitely safe to conclude that she is damn good. So do yourself a favor and cough up that $9.99 (or $11.99, rather, in order to also get four bonus tracks featuring artists such as Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson). This is some unbelievable music from a group that I know will continue to impress. Enjoy.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals- Never Go Back 

Purchase Grace Potter & 
The Nocturnals' Music HERE

Monday, June 11, 2012

[Listen] Marcus Foster: UK to Stateside

[Sounds like: Will Hoge, A.A. Bondy, Matthew and the Atlas]

I caught wind of the Englishman, Marcus Foster, the other day via OurVinyl and their video shoot with him. He stood in front of an abandoned warehouse and proceeded to acoustically perform his song, Shadows of the City. I was hooked by the time the first verse left his mouth and immediately ventured over to his website. To my pleasure, it only got better. 

Marcus Foster has a soft voice that occasionally rips open, transforming into a powerful, scratchy showcase of natural talent. It's too bad he's overseas and touring primarily in Europe. It's also unfortunate that I'm just now discovering him since he made a brief stop in the States recently to play shows at SXSW in Austin, Texas. My poor timing doesn't mean I, and you, can't enjoy the man's work, however, as he has numerous projects on his website. Listen to a few below, grow obsessed, and hit the purchase button. The OurVinyl video is linked below. Enjoy

I Was Broken - Marcus Foster

Shadows Of The City - Marcus Foster

Listen to more of Marcus Foster's music HERE
Watch his acoustic performance of Shadows of the City THERE

[Read] The 9 Weirdest Music Listings On Craigslist

Craigslist is a wonderful place filled with false identities, prostitution, and scalped tickets. Often overlooked, the music community on Craigslist is abundant in opportunities for starving artists, groupie hopefuls, and penniless fans. It doesn't take very long to discover the desperate and the quirky, hence this hurried feature, "The 9 Weirdest Music Listings On Craigslist." They're listings from across the country and have managed to beat out all others due to their higher levels of absurdity. Hit the jump below in order to find out where the creepiest and dumbest in the music industry live. Who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky buyer of a limited edition crucifix dobro guitar after reading this one... 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Download] Upsetting The Balance With Little Daylight

[Sounds like: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, RAC remixes]

Right after my tweet last night about Edward Sharpe resembling Charles Manson, Little Daylight produced a remix of his and The Magnetic Zero's Man on Fire that has me thinking I somehow upset the balance of the folk world. Did I poke the bear? Is Edward Sharpe Charles Manson and did my accusation on Twitter flip the folk game upside down? I'm almost completely confident in saying I'm 100% wrong and this is just a coincidence. Regardless of whether or not I have uncovered the decade's weirdest conspiracy and biggest temperament change, Little Daylight's remix is a phenomenal take on one of Mr. Manson's Mr. Sharpe's newest tracks from their latest album, "Here." With more oomph to the music behind the iconic vocals, Man on Fire has now become a track resembling an amped up tribal folk tune. And, it is awesome. 

Check out more from Little Daylight HERE
Purchase Edward Sharpe 
& The Magnetic Zeros' music THERE

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Listen] Grabbing Your Attention With Pickwick

[Sound like: Alabama Shakes, Fitz & The Tantrums, Hot Bodies In Motion]

Oh man. I can get pretty excited about the smallest things, and you could easily classify right now as one of these stupid spikes in happiness. I just discovered the band, Pickwick, and am convinced I have fallen victim of the cliche, love at first sight. I'm obsessed. They're the perfect combination of blues, soul, rock, and folk. Plus, lead singer, Galen Disston, has a voice that is simply out of this world. They're about as groovy as Miles Davis and are quickly making a name for themselves, especially after having just rocked the Sasquatch Music Festival on May 26 (by the way, Sasquatch is something everyone should strive to go to. Unfortunately since I'm based out of South Carolina and a college student aka broke, flying to Washington and attending a three day music festival is a little above me at the moment). 

These guys want to grab your attention, and in turn have made me realize I'm doing this whole "music-promoting" thing the wrong way. Instead of writing posts on the internet, I should be going to the nearest libraries and belting out a few songs from different bands and telling people to check out their websites. Obviously, with my voice, I might be doing more harm than good, but when you have the vocals of Mr. Disston, you're setting yourself up for some pretty good PR. Follow the link after the songs below to watch Pickwick surprise the Suzzallo Reading Room at the University of Washington and see the little book worms go from annoyed to overjoyed...

Blackout - Pickwick

Hacienda Motel - Pickwick

Purchase Pickwick's music HERE
Watch them surprise a library THERE

Saturday, June 2, 2012

[Read & Download] 5 Songs We Normally Wouldn't Feature

[Sounds like: a bunch of mainstream stuff we normally wouldn't feature]

Tommy and I have made it our goal for the summer to start publishing more and more features. Not just spotlights on artists, but quirky little tidbits full of bad writing and good music. We've tried a few already and they've been received with open arms, so we're gonna keep them coming...

Over the past few months, Beat Dropping has become dedicated to promoting the acoustic, indie, and folk scenes and has largely left the hip-hop and electronic game in our wake. That's not to discredit them, we've just found our niche and we're running with it. That being said, I figured it was time to revisit those that we normally wouldn't feature now. After all it's summertime, everyone just needs to live a little. Hit the jump below to read short and stupid descriptions, and download five tracks we normally wouldn't feature...