Friday, May 25, 2012

[Listen] Someone To Keep An Eye Out For: Zach Heckendorf

[Sounds like: John Mayer, John Butler, Dave Matthews]

If you passed Zach Heckendorf on the street, you’d think he’s just another ordinary 18 year old, when in reality, he's likely to be the next big thing in music. With a sound that resembles that of both Dave Matthews and John Butler, Heckendorf’s future is looking bright. At just 17, this Denver native got the chance to perform at the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater, a unique opportunity that many musicians will never have. Hit the jump below to read more and hear this young blood who is tearing up the music scene...

With the sound that Heckendorf produces, one might think his influences share similar styles; not exactly the case with Zach here. One of the main influences in Zach’s music is the hip-hop artist, Aesop Rock, whose style is very unique for a rapper. The “mystery” in lyrical hip-hop is what mainly caught the young musician’s attention and he has consequently brought that idea into his own music.

“Rappers frequently use lines that can be understood in a billion different ways because each person will internalize it differently.” 

Heckendorf says, continuing on about the mixing of poetry/lyrics with beats/music as a way to better connect with the listener. This is a different point of view that I have seen from many musicians, especially of Heckendorf’s age, which I believe will help him tremendously in the long run. Along with Aesop Rock, Zach’s influences include “Smokin’” Joe Robinson (hence Zach’s ridiculous guitar-picking skills), Rogue Wave, and Jose Gonzalez – a very wide variety of musicians, which resonates in Zach Heckendorf's sound.

“I do everything I possibly can to bring people raw joy, 
which means setting an example by shedding all my insecurities 
and going as hard as I possibly can when I’m onstage.”

Zach has a couple of shows lined up in the Northeast starting next week, so if you happen to be in town, be sure to see him. One thing that Zach is known for is his stage presence, which drastically changes from his everyday personality. He's a wild one, and with that kind of attitude, you can’t lose. It looks like Zach is really going places, so be sure to like him on facebook and keep up with his activity on twitter. Spread the love and enjoy.

Purchase Zach Heck's debut album, 
"The Cool Down" HERE

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