Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Listen & Read] Get Funky Tonight With The Haggis Horns

Most of y’all are already out for summer and living life worry-free, while Hobbs and I are here still slamming our heads against our desks not knowing what to do with ourselves along with these exams coming up. This is why I am featuring The Haggis Horns, a funk band that can fit any mood you’re in.  

When it comes to studying, I’m not a huge fan of lyrics in the music that I am listening too (I simply don’t have the multi-tasking skills). And for that reason, I find The Haggis Horns a great study companion to bring to the library or wherever you may be studying. And for all of you out there enjoying the sun and beaches, whatever it may be, nothing is more promising to get you up and moving than funk. So kick back and enjoy this 5-man band in whatever setting it may be and enjoy.

Haggis Horns - The Traveller Pt. 2

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The Haggis Horns HERE

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