Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Listen] A Matt Corby Set

[Sounds like: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd]

I featured Matt Corby and his hit single, Brother, a while back, and then shamefully continued my perpetual pursuit for the next best thing. I'm an idiot. Some of Corby's newer material (Souls a'Fire, Untitled, and Big Eyes) landed in my lap the other day and I will be the first to tell myself I am the dumbest man alive for having moved on so quickly. Matt Corby, the Aussie with soft eyes, is an incredibly captivating voice and guitar strummer. It doesn't matter if he's whistling or singing, he's reeling you in.

Corby, still in his twenties, is a young blood full of talent and insight. That last part, the insight mention, is becoming more and more evident in his music. I figured that one out on my first listen of Souls a'Fire. His music is chalked full of emotion and purpose, plus one hell of a voice - soft at a moment, growling at the next. Below I'm supplying you with Corby's best. There's no excuse to overlook this one - one place, a blender of sounds. Enjoy the music of a talented Mr. Matt Corby below and then check out his website for more - if you're looking to see him live, you might have to do a bit of swimmin first

Check out more of Matt Corby's music HERE

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