Monday, May 7, 2012

[Download] ZZ Ward And An Edgy Mixtape

This could be a hit or miss with some of ya'll, but I'm certainly growing obsessed. ZZ Ward is a sexy soul-tress that puts off a sound that is sexy, spooky, and smooth all at once. Let's say Tracy Chapman, Adele, and Alicia Keys had child together - impossible, I know, but humor me. The result of such madness would be ZZ Ward. She has one of the grooviest voices of the current time and is showcasing it with some definite attitude. 

This girl ain't shy. She'll scarf down some whiskey, throw down a dirty bassline, and let her voice take you over. Her songs are grungy at times, but mostly bluesy. She hales from Roseburg, Oregon, played in her father's blues band as a child, and started working with local rappers shortly after. The end result is a unique fuse of the two that will inevitably catch your attention. Check out her mixtape, "Eleven Roses" below and be sure to download the tracks that catch your ear, or grab the whole thing for free on her website. Keep an eye out for this one, she's special.

Download "Eleven Roses" HERE
Check out the official music video for OVERdue after the jump...

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