Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Listen] Sunday Lane's New Album, "From Where You Are"

Graceful, yet powerful - Sunday Lane's new album, "From Where You Are," is a dynamic showcase of talent from one of Beat Dropping's favorite singer-songwriters. I had the pleasure of asking Sunday a few questions a couple of weeks ago, and discovered she was anticipating a new project to debut soon. That day has come. 

Now I may be a little biased towards Sunday - I caught myself developing a crush last time we talked (the non-obsessive, purely admiring kind). Regardless of how I fancy this 22 year old singer-songwriter, it should become evident very quickly that she is special. She's classically trained on the piano, has hints of deep soul in her sweet voice, and carries herself in a happy-go-lucky manner. That combination carries through all 11 tracks. 

"I am most in my element when my hands are on the keys..." 

That statement seems to ring true on "From Where You Are." With the help of Zach Annett, who mixed and helped produce the project, Sunday's songs have a new feel to them that slightly (and positively) differs from her debut EP. It comes off rustic and at times muffled, but that is clearly part of the album's charm as each song tends to shake off the preceding vibe and breakout out into a beautifully produced and performed album. Either I'm speaking eloquently or I'm not making any sense; it's a fine line. So to play it safe, I'll give it to you like this: Sunday Lane is a 22 year old vocal wonder who has just released a great album. Go buy it.

Let Me Go - Sunday Lane

Purchase "From Where You Are" HERE

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