Monday, April 23, 2012

[Listen] Reptar Releases New Album For Streaming

Awwww hell yeah. Reptar has done us an incredible favor by leaking their entire upcoming, debut album for streaming on their YouTube channel. Given it's an incredible tease, the streaming album, entitled "Body Faucet" is a brilliant marketing ploy. It worked for me at least, as I fully anticipate taking $7.99 out of my pocket on May 1st and clicking the order button on iTunes. Brilliant stuff that is making me want their distant, second album already - I can't get enough. 

They're an acquired taste for some, I'll be the first to admit it. In my opinion, it's wise to listen to their internet sensations, Sebastian and more recently, Orifice Origami. Both are upbeat anthems that make strong cases as to why Reptar is quickly becoming the indie powerhouse this year. From there, listen to the new album in its entirety and see how the band is able to pull off vibes that resonate a hipnotic Paul Simon. These guys are a weirdly awesome band; you may not understand what you're listening to at the time, but that feeling is pushed out of your tiny little brain and replaced by an impulsive urge to listen more and more. I'm telling ya... 

But for those quick to judge, here are the hot spots: Sebastion, Orifice Origami, Houseboat Babies, and Water Runs. Stream the whole thing after the jump below and grab the whole thing for your personal collection on May 1st.

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