Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Listen, Read, & Watch] Old School Freight Train

Old School Freight Train is a band that many of you may not have heard of, but should all add to your music library and spread around. This five-man band is from my hometown in Charlottesville, Virginia. They're all the hype up there, and have quickly spread their sound to more listeners across the country. 

With standard bluegrass-based instruments, OSFT definitely covers the genre, however, they are also able to add that “new sound” that makes the band’s true sound harder to put a finger on. Nevertheless, Old School Freight Train isn’t trying too hard to be definable; rather, as lead singer, Jesse Harper, said, 

“We want to make good records that last, 
that you want to listen to more than once.” 

And I will vouch for them and tell you that they have done just that. With three studio records and several tracks including their covers of artists such as Wilco, Coldplay, and John Mayer, Old School Freight Train has left a big footprint in music history. 

I’m sad to say, however, that this group of talented musicians is not together anymore. After their album, “Six Years,” my personal favorite from their three, the band decided to pack it up. But be on the look out for the guys who have decided to continue their careers alone...Jesse Harper has already gotten a lot of publicity and shouldn’t be going away anytime soon. To listen to Old School Freight Train....

Check them out HERE
or watch "Heart of Glass" after the jump...

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