Saturday, April 7, 2012

[Listen] Hot Bodies In Motion's Debut EP

We've been finding and featuring more and more soulful rock lately; hopefully you're enjoying it, because we certainly are. The trend continues with a band that calls themselves Hot Bodies In Motion. They're a little over a year old, but with their debut project back in 2011, you'd never know it. Their music reminds me a little of Vintage Trouble, a band of similar style that we recently posted about - energetic and powerful. This four man band has a fun delivery and by all means that seems to be their goal. After all, they are in the entertainment business. Let's get you acquainted...

Ben Carson aka "The Medic," guitar and vocals - Ben is a full time student studying pediatric primary care. When he's not nursing wounds he can be found crooning in a stairwell somewhere with a brown-bagged PBR. He's standing second from the left.

Zach Fleury aka "The Diplomat," bass and vocals - After studying bass with Victor Wooten in Nashville, Zach moved back to Seattle to bring the funk into HBIM's sound. When Zach isn't horse-whispering, he's playing several shows a week and sponsors a child named Tim LoPresto. He's hanging out on the far right.

Scott Paul Johnson aka "The Guitar Tech," guitar and vocals - HBIM is Scott's first attempt at a band. With too much creative and sexual energy to keep inside, Scott found solace in crafting infectious baby-making jams. Scott Paul Johnson is a luthier, building and selling guitars for his livelihood. He's the one with the lion's mane hair. 

Tim LoPresto aka "The Mechanic," drums - Tim is a long-time friend of Zach's and spent several years touring the nation with his previous band, Byword. Not willing to admit HBIM is his rebound, he continues to whisper sweet-nothings into Scott's ear to assure him that HBIM is his one and only. He's the one I haven't pointed out yet.

Cool guys, cool music, an easy purchase for just $6. Stream their debut EP below and then head on over to their website to pick it up.

Purchase HBIM's debut EP HERE

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