Sunday, April 8, 2012

[Listen, Download, & Watch] Matthew Mayfield Records New Song, Announces May Tour With Ramirez

Matthew Mayfield, a singer-songwriter we've featured a few times before, has recently announced he's recording a new album and embarking on a May tour with fellow friend and Beat Dropping favorite, David Ramirez. That's some exciting news for us, and hopefully for you as well. Mayfield is one of my favorite artists in the folk game mainly because of his incredibly smokey voice and the passion he pours into each recording. 

His latest recording is no exception. Heart In Wire is a powerful performance - Mayfield has "been in the studio for the past few months carving away at new songs. It's evolved into something truly special and is by far the most personal and intimate record to date. [Mayfield] cut this one late one night--no headphones or metronomes--just a raw performance." To help the making of his new album, you can pledge however much you'd like here while you listen in and watch the live recording of Heart In Wire after the break below

As for the May tour, the east coast and midwest will be treated to two guys playing their hearts out. Traveling from state to state in a van, Mayfield and David Ramirez will play 18 shows, with some shows still to be announced. Check out the schedule here and see if you're lucky enough to be close to one of these acoustic duo's intimate performances. 

Purchase Mayfield's music HERE
Download music from Ramirez THERE

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