Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Download] Theme Park's "Two Hours" Remixed By RAC

It's a little poppy, but it's mostly funky and that's what sold me. I don't know much about the band Theme Park, but I've featured RAC numerous times. I'm well aware that the music these guys remix and produce is always worth a listen. They make songs bigger, better, and catchier - all without obnoxious bass drops or screeching synths. It's mellow and it's perfect. They took on Theme Park's song Two Hours last month and consequently created a pop-funk tune that is currently stuck playing over and over in my head. They say it best themselves as they "make it work." If you've never heard of RAC, an acronym for Remix Artist Collective, then you've been missing out for a while now. Improve your sub-par music collection with this one and jog on.

Two Hours (RAC Mix) - Theme Park

Download more of RAC's remixes HERE

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