Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Download] Riley Etheridge Jr.'s "Better Days"

Rock Ridge Music noticed we covered Tony Lucca and his NoiseTrade album last week and quickly let us know that his label mate, Riley Etheridge Jr., would be doing the same. Well, that day has come (technically it happened a few days ago but due to this thing we call institutionalized education, we fell behind a little). Regardless, Etheridge released the 4 track EP titled "Better Days" a couple of days ago on NoiseTrade, and by doing so, gave us a tiny glimpse of how talented he is. Respectfully, Etheridge opted out of the full band route and decided a trio lineup would better showcase his songwriting and vocal charm. In our opinion, as well as in his, he made the right decision:
"I am really pleased with the ‘live’ and spontaneous approach that we took. It was a completely different experience for me, which I enjoyed. I met Dan [Rieser, drummer] and Tim [Luntzel, bassist] after seeing them perform in NYC, and, on just a few days’ notice, they agreed to meet and track these songs with me at a studio in Brooklyn. It was done live over two brief sessions. I love how simple the arrangements are."
Now based out of New York, Etheridge originally began his music career in South Carolina, where he draws from musically. Etheridge's songs, both in this EP and his previous one in 2010, show hints of a blues and country fusion - an acquired taste to some, but undoubtedly infectious. Listen in on my favorite track (coincidentally the title track), Better Days, and then make your way to his NoiseTrade profile to grab this one free of charge (tip optional, friends). 

Better Days - Riley Etheridge Jr.

Download the "Better Days" EP HERE

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