Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Download] The Delta Saints - Bourbon Fueled, Bayou Rock

Fast paced, bluesy, and downright soulful. The Delta Saints, not to be confused with Delta Spirit, are based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They've made a name for themselves; their style is somewhat contagious. They're gaining so much momentum in fact, that after bouncing around from show to show in the southeast (most notably, they'll be part of the Wakarusa Festival lineup), they'll be crossing the pond and playing in various countries such as Spain, Germany, and Belgium. 

My personal favorite from their collection is A Bird Called Angola, which showcases the band's ability to lay down some serious harmonica lines "that simultaneously tie the group together and threaten to tear it apart." It's an interesting dynamic that encompasses bluesy rock and funk. The end result, consequently, is a rambunctious sound that infects the ears, leaving you wanting more after every listen. So go on and get addicted...

Purchase The Delta Saint's music HERE 

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