Monday, March 5, 2012

[Download] Monday Studying: Carlos Serrano

I'm overwhelmed with work this week. Usually Monday Studying is reserved for the ambient and acoustic, but with a week like mine, sometimes the funky and upbeat is the way to go. Think of it as a pace setter; there's no time to sit back and leisurely complete some math problems. You need to be checking off the to-do list without wasting time. Carlos Serrano, a DJ based out of San Diego, has an answer for those stuck in the library, surrounded by a fort made out of books (which sounds awesome until you realize you have to read all of them). 

I hope you're not too sick of hearing Adele remixes and mashups; we've tried to steer clear since most are butchered. Even if you are tired of hearing her golden voice, you need to give Adele one more shot. This mashup is funky, it's unexpected, it's Daft Punk. I guarantee you'll be bobbing the head back and forth within seconds of first listen. If you're not, then something isn't wired properly in ya head. Procrastinating or not, you should be listening to this track in your book fort. Have at it

Something About The Fire - Carlos Serrano

Click the down arrow to the right to grab this one for free.

Download more of Carlos Serrano's remixes and mashups HERE

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