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[Read] An Interview With Sunday Lane: Music, Hair, and Snakes

I recently had the pleasure of asking Miss Sunday Lane a few questions and have decided that I've developed a crush (Sunday doesn't know this; well I guess now she does). Unfortunately for you and your better enjoyment, I held back in the interview. We did, however cover some interesting topics such as her lions mane hair and fear of snakes. If you're interested, which you should be because she's an amazing artist (I'm not being obvious, am I?), hit the jump to read through our dialogue and download some of her best...

Beat Dropping: Hey Sunday, I think a lot of interviews are pointless - all they do is regurgitate the info on Facebook pages. So this one's gonna be a little different. I'm not going to ask you who you're inspirations are or why you love music. If people listen to your songs, those questions will answer themselves. Instead I want to show people who you are, with or without music. Ready?
Sunday Lane: Yes 

First things first. Is Sunday your real name? 
Yes, it is! 

Where does it come from/any story behind it? It's definitely one of the most unique names out there; kinda like you were born to be famous... 
According to my parents, instead of focusing on choosing a name for me, they challenged each other to both think of a word that makes them happy. They both decided that the day Sunday made them happy, and lo and behold I ended up with it as a name! The fact that I’m born on a Wednesday is a mute point. 

I just saw that you played for 2,000 in Charlotte, my hometown, with your band Thick As Thieves. How come you've decided to pursue the band life in addition to the solo act? 
I was all set to move to Texas and finish up school at Baylor when the amazing opportunity to join Thick as Thieves fell in my lap. I had known the guys in the band for a couple years and saw it as an incredible opportunity, which it has been! 

Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands - Sunday Lane

Do the guys ever gang up on you? 
Oh my gosh yes. I'm the little sister of the group, so there's tons of bullying, but in the end they're great guys that I love and trust. 

Any pranks being pulled during rehearsal or just hanging out? I trust you get them back... 
Not necessarily pranks… just gross boy stuff ie burping, farting, etc. Nothing too bad :) 

Where do you see yourself in regards to your own career and the band's future in the next couple of years? 
I believe that both projects are on the rise. The band just finished playing a national showcase that will hopefully translate into a lot of college shows across the nation. Meanwhile, I'm releasing a solo full-length album in April that I'm very proud of and plan on touring with as well. So if all goes as planned, I'll be a very busy lady for the next couple of years! 

Where's your favorite place to perform? 
LA with the band and Norman, Ok with my solo stuff. I've only played there a couple times, but they're such great listeners! Plus, three of my siblings live there so it's fun to get to be with family and do what I love. I wish those two mixed more! 

How about the Lane Family Band traveling the nation...or are you the only one with the musical talent? I suppose they could always learn to dance and sing backup though 
Lane is actually my middle name. My last name is Helmerich, and that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! However, my older brother is very talented and plays in Thick as Thieves with me. 

Is there a rivalry between humidity and your golden locks? 
Haha! Yes! I use hardly any product in my hair to avoid that crunchy look, which sometimes result in my hair just looking crazy if the weather's humid. For a great example of this, check out the behind the scenes of my Won't Go Back Down video shoot. I look insane. My hair is straight up lion's mane in that video!


Haha I don't know, I'm kinda diggin it. Just from listening to your music and looking at your pictures and videos, you seem like a laid back girl just looking to have fun, explore the world, and spread some warmth. Some of your music, however, can be pretty deep, such as Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands. Are you pulling from personal experiences? 
I definitely pull a lot from personal experiences. Songwriting is such a vulnerable thing, but it's cool because if I am truly honest with my lyrics I have the opportunity to make others feel less alone and less vulnerable. That's a very rewarding feeling. 

What's your biggest fear? 

Would you rather have to sleep in a bed made of snakes every night or quit music? 
Fortunately, I think the chances of that being a real scenario are pretty slim, so I’ll go with the snakes in bed to appear brave and loyal to my craft. 

Well played haha when are you the happiest? 
Nothing quite compares to the feeling I get right after I finish writing a song. It's like drugs to me! Ha. But I'm also extremely happy when I'm with all five of my siblings and my two loving parents. 

City or Countryside? 
Right now city, but I definitely long for the countryside at times! 
"Nothing quite compares to the feeling I get right after I finish writing a song. It's like drugs to me"
Dead or alive, if you could collaborate with anyone you wanted to, who would you pick? I'm picturing a duet with Sara Bareilles, or even Clarence Greenwood from Citizen Cope. 
Clarence Greenwood would be sick! I had never thought of that before. I love his stuff! Ummm, I'd have to say Ryan Adams. He's just so good. 

Your voice has this sassy and soulful vibe, natural talent or something you've had to work for? 
Natural, but definitely something I need to work on! Strengthening my voice is a big goal for the next few years. 

If a big-time rapper wanted to work with you, would you?
I'm currently in a band with my favorite rapper (Nick Richey), but I'd love to work with Kid Cudi. 

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Boy Meets World, or Saved By The Bell? 
I have pretty fond memories of waking up super early Sunday mornings to watch Saved By The Bell because I wasn't allowed to see it as a kid. So I'll go with that one. Sorry, mom! 

What's playing on your iPod right now? 
The Head and the Heart. My favorite song from the album is Rivers and Roads but the whole thing is gold. 

They deserve more recognition, and I'm glad you're a fan. I'd have to go with Lost In My Mind though.. 
Or Sounds Like Hallelujah… 

"Songwriting is such a vulnerable thing, but it's cool because if I am truly honest with my lyrics I have the opportunity to make others feel less alone and less vulnerable"

Who should I feature next? 
My band! :) Or my friend Nyla. She's got a really cool sound I bet you would like! 

How about I do both? Do you ever work or plan to work with Nyla? Two girls with badass names; sounds like a good idea to me. 
She opened for Thick as Thieves before, but I haven’t had a chance to write with her. I really want to! You should check her stuff out. 

Why should people visit and follow Beat Dropping? 
Because you ask good interview questions and seem quite nice. 

haha I'm flattered, thanks Sunday. 
My pleasure.

Be sure to grab Sunday Lane's "Bring Me Sunshine" EP HERE

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